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Who We Are

Why we started Bitesize Irish for you

Saša Sasha began to develop our lessons with other learners in mind. She's from Slovenia in Central Europe.

Eoin Oh-in is a native Irish speaker who you’ll hear throughout the lessons.

We're happily married, with a couple of kids in Limerick, Ireland.

On a hot summer's day in 2008, Eoin started with a thought. That was to help people learn Irish through small online lessons. It needed native speaker recordings, that was for sure.

But what would we call it? Saša claims to have come up with the name. And here we are, ready to help you learn the native language of Ireland.

We live in Luimneach/Limerick in Ireland (read about things to do in Limerick).

The Team


Siobhán is our Language Assistant, there to support members of Bitesize Irish. She's a native of Galway, Ireland and now lives in Tipperary. She sometimes also holds live lessons with members for conversation practice.


Ana is here to quickly fix any support questions you have about how to use the site, or if you have any questions about subscribing. When you contact us, Ana will get back to you without delay. She's a native of Serbia, in south-east Europe.


Cătălin lives in Romania, in eastern Europe. He creates and manages the content for the Bitesize blognewsletter and our Facebook Page.

Eoin Ó Conchúir

Eoin Oh-in is a native Irish language speaker, being brought up through the language. Husband to Saša (see below). Eoin is the founder of Bitesize Irish, and makes sure the service keeps ticking for you. He recorded the audio for the course, plus the Udemy.com pronunciation video course.




Audrey lives in Santa Cruz, California. She speaks Irish, having learned it for over a decade. In our lessons and blog, you’ll appreciate her skill of explaining complex language concepts. She started as an absolute beginner, and so knows how difficult it is for you to begin.


Saša Sasha herself is a learner of Irish language, as she lives in Limerick but comes from Slovenia. This means she has first-hand experience with what other learners need to know to get comfortable with speaking the language. She claims to have come up with the name for the site.

The Latest on Learning Irish

Small Company Here For You

It's not always easy to get a proper impression of who's behind a website or a service. Bitesize Irish is what you might call a “microbusiness”.

We don't have investors. We don't have an office except for a home office in a bedroom. There are a number of people worldwide working to keep you learning to speak the Irish language. But no-one is working full-time.

Being a small company means that you actually get a response from a real person when you contact us. We listen to your feedback. We consider suggestions. That also means we can't produce just any product or service to help you learn to speak Irish.

Being Bitesize is at the core of our philosophy. Our Bitesize Method calls on you to take a single Bitesize lesson from our program each day, and take five of those lessons per week.

We were called Bitesize Irish Gaelic, but changed our name to Bitesize Irish in 2018, because names are important, and we call the language "Irish" not "Gaelic".

You're much more likely to find motivation to keep learning if you do it regularly in Bitesize portions, rather than in long boring sessions that de-motivate you.

Who We Are with Dog
(Jeez, now you’ve even met our dog Uisce /Ish-keh/ .)

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