Learn Irish in Your Earbuds

Learn Irish in Your Earbuds

Bitesize Audio Program

  • Save time by not having to be at your computer
  • Learn the Irish language on the go
  • Copy to your phone or MP3 player
  • Key everyday conversation phrases
  • 90 lessons across four packs
  • Accompanying PDFs included

Preview Four of the 90 Audio Lessons

Start your first conversation, with this sample of the first four lessons from the Audio Program. The aims is to get you started speaking your first Irish conversation. When you purcahase the program below, you'll get the MP3 and accompanying PDF for each lesson.

Click the play button just below here to listen:

Happy Learners

  • Pamela Holcombe, from Marshall, North Carolina, USA

    “Dia dhuit, I just downloaded the audio lessons from the Bitesize Irish website yesterday so I could listen at work with my ear buds in, as well as doing the other lessons at home too. It was worth the extra money for sure as I can learn at work and home and hearing Eoin actually speak it and explain it seems to help me pick it up and retain it alot faster, I highly recommend it. Each lesson comes with a PDF download of the written version with more info and examples to look at and study more. It's a very good deal for so much information, I love this program, I actually really feel that I can learn this one small bite at a time, thanks Eoin and Bitesize Irish team.”

    —Pamela Holcombe, from Marshall, North Carolina, USA.

  • Daniel from South Korea

    “The sultry chords of Eoin's voice shall echo through my humble abode, to the joy of man and hound alike, once again!”

    — Daniel, in South Korea

Save $15 on the Full Audio Program:
The 4-Pack Bundle

The Audio Program comes as four separate packs. Save by purchasing all four packs:

$119.96 $97.00

Separate Packs Available

Audio Pack 1

Land on Your Feet


Audio lesson units included:

  • Your First Conversation
  • Counting
  • Spelling
  • Hello and Goodbye
  • How to Pronounce Irish
  • Conversation with a Stranger
Audio Pack 2

Express Yourself


Audio lesson units included:

  • For Everyday Conversation
  • Sentences, Questions and Answers
  • Nouns and Prepositions
  • Weather and Seasons
  • Time and Dates
Audio Pack 3

Describe the World


Audio lesson units included:

  • Introducing People
  • People
  • Who Owns What
  • Asking Advanced Questions
  • Career
  • Love
Audio Pack 4

Get What You Want


Audio lesson units included:

  • Meals
  • Asking for Food and Drinks
  • Hobbies
  • In a Shop
  • Your Health
  • I like this

On the Move

You don't have to have your computer running. Pick up Irish while listening on your phone or iPod.

Irish Explained

We explain Irish in these audio lessons. Total of 90 lessons across all packs

PDFs Included

Print them out, or just open them up on your phone while listening to follow along.