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Jordan on Irish for beginners
You've made learning the Irish language easier than pie! I'm so grateful for your easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and pronunciation tips. If I were to attempt learning Irish using any other source, I wouldn't have nearly as much success as I did on Bitesize.

Jordan Lampe, Wisconsin, USA
Amy Carson on Irish for beginners
This is an awesome program and I'm so glad I stumbled on it by accident while surfing online. I'm American but very proud of my Irish heritage. It's always been my dream to visit my ancestral land. I love languages and Irish is the most challenging and rewarding one I think I'll ever study!

Amy Carson, from Ocean Shores, Washington D.C., USA

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  1. The single Irish language phrase you need to start a conversation
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  3. Introduce yourself in two minutes
  4. Key everyday words and phrases
  5. And more

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  • “I love hearing a native speaker talk.”

    “Little pieces of language daily are much more manageable than a giant time consuming lesson plan... I do love how your website is set up.”

    — Marlene Taylor, founder of
    San Francisco Irish Culture & Expat Group.