Terms of Service

Payment is required to gain full access to the Bitesize Irish members’ area, where language lessons are provided.

Payment is recurring on a monthly basis. You may cancel your account at any time by logging to Bitesize Irish and navigating to your account area. On that page, if you have an active subscription, you will find a link to cancel your subscription. From that point on you will no longer be billed.

You are responsible for the payment of any previously billed payments.

Upon each payment, you are sent an email receipt from our payment processor (while is it always sent, the arrival of this email can never be absolutely guaranteed).

If you cancel your recurring payment, you will maintain full membership access until the end of the period for which you already paid.

The first recurring payment is charged immediately upon completing the checkout process giving you your first month’s access. Upon each payment, your membership access is extended by a period of one month thereafter.

Refunds are not generally offered for standard payments billed. Exceptions may include where you mistakenly purchased two separate subscriptions when you were only making use of one. You may also request a refund for a billing if you contact 2co.com directly on that same day. We are not able to refund payments older than 60 days.

Up until termination of your monthly membership, your monthly payment will not vary. We reserve the right to either increase or decrease the monthly fee offered to new customers.

We reserve the right to cancel your account given 30 days notice. If this right is enacted, you will maintain membership access to the service for the period of time for which you have already paid, up to a maximum of one month.

Membership provides you with access to a series of language lessons with associated audio. All rights reserved. We maintain full ownership of the content, media, and layout of the web site. The content of lessons is provided in good faith; we will not be held responsible for any linguistic errors that may have been overlooked during the editorial process.

We may display your first name (provided at checkout) publicly. For example, we may display a public list of current users.

Membership is intended for personal use. If you are an educator and are interested in obtaining access for more than one person, please contact us.

Live conversational practice sessions are available, depending on your membership plan. While we make the best effort to provide regular sessions, these are subject to availability, such as Bitesize being able to schedule a language assistant to run the session.


We prefer not to provide custom translations, but if we provide you with a translation then it is provided as-is.

Bitesize cannot guarantee the correctness of translations, especially if it happens to be for something permanent like a tattoo.

Please get a second opinion from: