What is Bitesize Irish?

You want to go to Ireland one day. You want to immerse yourself in the culture and connect with the roots of your ancestors. One of the best ways to create a lifelong connection with Ireland is to learn Gaelic, but you might have thought it was too difficult to learn on your own.

Not anymore.

“The site was wonderful and I learned quite a bit while I was using it... Thank you so much!!! I have a friend from Ireland and I learned enough from you that I could have short conversations with him; the lessons really are very good and easy to comprehend.” - Breanne Eid, Illinois

With Bitesize Irish, you can learn the Irish language by breaking things down into smaller pieces. The short, simple, and easy-to-follow lessons include written lessons for you to review, with play buttons to hear recordings saying the word.

These lessons can be completed quickly, and you can revisit the lesson as you have time.

How To Learn Irish

By HEARING the language, you begin to learn it just as you would learn any language. Ever stop to think about how babies learn English? They LISTEN to what their parents are telling them.

And now you can learn in the same way.

Learn Gaelic Pronunciation

“It’s easy to navigate and the lessons are just the right 'bite size'.” - Chris Schindler, USA

But you’re not just taking one of the 117 lessons, there’s more to explore:

These categories help you focus on the Gaelic lessons you want to take, when you want to take them. You can skip around from Vocabulary to Grammar to Conversation – whatever suits you.

But each Irish language course lesson builds on the one before, and quickly you’ll begin to learn words and phrases that will help you start speaking the language aloud.

Online Irish Language Course

Each of these online Irish lessons is also broken down into short sections, helping you fit in a new language when it’s convenient for you.

Start a lesson, complete a lesson, and then move on to the next lesson when you’re ready.

“I thought this course was awesome, it’s not as complicated as some others I’ve tried.” - Gloria Mendivil, Mexicali, Mexico

With Bitesize Irish, you’re going to move through the language at your own pace, and you’ll find that you learn faster and remember more.

“I'm happily participating in the lessons and have finished a bunch already. You have a great website, go raibh maith agaibh, Sasa agus Eoin.” ` R. Drew, Bogota, NJ, USA

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