Case Studies

Of Bitesize Irish members.

Iowa Irish Gaelic study group uses Bitesize

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Case Study: Robert is Learning Irish Gaelic Online

Robert has years of experience as a Spanish teacher. He is now taking time to learn to speak Irish online. From this perspective, he told us what he loves about using Bitesize Irish. Tell me how he's learning.

Case Study: Kenna learns with Bitesize

Kenna got interested in geneology research, which in turn lead to thinking about spending a vacation in Ireland. She started to learn Irish Gaelic online. Tell me how she did it.

Case Study: How Irish Club study group uses Bitesize

BrĂ­d has enrolled all of her Irish Gaelic students in Bitesize (a service we offer her group free of charge). Tell me how they use Bitesize.

Case Study: Elizabeth is Learning to Speak Irish

Elizabeth is in Massachusetts, and became gradually introduced to the Irish language. Finally, she took the plunge and decided to learn to speak it. Tell me how Elizabeth is learning to speak Irish.

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